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Food for wellbeing

We treat every mealtime as an opportunity to nurture better health and give our residents a home-from-home experience. Our dining service is carefully designed to provide residents with meals they can look forward to.

Our team of experienced chefs have developed menu options to offer a variety of choices, taking food preferences into account. Our menus are planned to ensure that our residents enjoy their meals while making sure their nutritional needs are met. Additionally, our dishes can be adapted for residents with special dietary requirements.

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Our chefs

We have two highly experienced regional executive chefs. They lead our chef managers and their teams, who create delicious meals in each of our Homes. This team effort creates consistency in our menus and delivery; it also ensures we support the development and continuous training of care home chefs.

When our residents require a special diet, our chefs work with them and the care staff to understand their requirements. Our priority is to design menus that meet their dietary needs while being highly enjoyable. In addition, all menus are fully approved by our dedicated dietitians, who also advise on any special dietary requests.

We follow robust food safety requirements. Our suppliers are audited to ensure the quality of the products we purchase, and we carry out regular inspections of our kitchens and food production practices.

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Using local ingredients

We believe that food tastes better in season and when it has not been transported too far. To support this, 92% of all our food is sourced in the UK, ensuring that our produce is of the finest quality.

We buy from a wide range of suppliers throughout the country. In order to reduce food mileage, we use a distributor that has access to a network of key centres. This way, we make sure that food is fresh and does not have to travel large distances to reach our Homes. This also helps to reduce our carbon footprint and therefore minimises our impact on the environment.

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We love to celebrate

We enjoy celebrating birthdays and special occasions with our residents, which adds a special excitement to our meal occasions: Mother’s Day, VE Day and Saints’ Days, as well as religious and world festivals.

This is also an opportunity for us to bring seasonality to the menus, using events such as Wimbledon and barbecues in the summer, through to Harvest Festival and Christmas in the colder months. We provide tasty and exciting menus to lift our residents’ mood.

Download our menu

Our enjoyable menus are designed to meet our residents’ dietary needs. When they require a special diet, our chefs work with them and the care staff to provide the most suitable meals.

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