Resident’s electronic application form

If you are ready to apply, please find below the Resident Application Form you will need to complete, alongside the Finance form and Eligibility Guide, where applicable. If you would like further guidance or support in completing the application form, please contact your preferred Home and the Management Team will be happy to assist you.

Our Care Checklist section below provides some useful information for those considering the different care options, along with common FAQs. You can also find out more about what we’re doing as a charity to support our residents during these challenging times in our Safety section.

Resident’s online application form

Important Information

Please complete all sections of this application if you are applying to become a permanent resident in an RMBI Home.

For respite stays in an RMBI Home, please complete Sections 1-7 and 12 only.

An applicant’s residency cannot commence until the application form has been fully completed and signed. The outline information in this application form will enable us to process your application and we may request further information or documents to support your application.

Once an application is made, a potential resident must not dispose of any property, assets or capital, or purchase any annuity, without disclosing this to RMBI Care Co.

If you need any support or advice completing this form, please contact the Home Manager or Business Relationship Manager at your preferred Home.


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